Conversion of numbers (lab values) by multiple factors in multi-center study

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I’ve the following problem and hope that someone can help me.

In a specific column of my table, laboratory values (numbers - doubles) are noted. Unfortunately, these values have different units as the data were entered by multiple centers. I know which center uses which unit and which center entered which dataset.

Does anybody have a hint how to actually “convert” the values dependent on which center added the data (from a mathematically point of view its just a multiplication)? I thought about collecting the conversion factors in a second table.

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Hi @HM20,
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You can solve it in different ways.
e.g. using java snippet with if - else or switch - case functions. Or if the centers are stored in a separate column you can create a reference table containing center and correction factor, join the reference table to your data table and use math formula node for calculation.


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Dear @morpheus,

thank for your warm welcome and your fast reply!
It will get a bit of manual work, because I need to convert 10 lab values, but at the first glance it worked!


Hello @HM20,

doesn’t seem a lot of manual work to me. As @morpheus said I would create reference table in Table Creator with Center and multiplication factor added to it. Then use Cell Replacer to add multiplication factor to your data followed by Math Formula :wink:

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