convert 4 to 04 in knime

hello I need to convert a number that is 4 to 04 however I already have numbers like 28 that need to remain the same and not 028 thanks
for example i need 9 convert 09 and 10 = 10

Hi @Jalvear
Step 1: ‘Math Formula’ node
$number$ + 100
Step 2: ‘Number to String’ node
Step 3: ‘String Manipulation’ node
substr($number$, 1)



Hi @Jalvear

Could you please precise whether your column is originally in string format or in numerical (integer, long, etc.) ?

@gonhaddock when looking at your solution (which btw is a nice trick ;-)) I wonder whether @Jalvear numbers go beyond 99 value :thinking:




wow amazing solution, thanks!

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they are date values ​​so this solution works wonders for me

Good to know it :wink: ! Great then :smiley: :+1:

Good touch @aworker !
You can just add 1 000, 10 000 … depending on the length of your string.

PS.- we can describe it as ‘adding zeros to the left’

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I love this trick lol !

I had used this approach before. A practical example

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