convert, cast, change, a column type to VARCHAR

Is there a node that will allow me to read an excel file and change the data type from a string to varchar?

i am trying to import excel data into my database but the column types don’t match - so there is an error.

very anoying

i should mention that i’m trying to upload data from excel to my database using the DB Loader node.

The functionality that i’m looking for is very similar to DB Writer - where there is a tab called Output Type mapping that allows you to change the datatype format.

You might want to take a look at the type mapping functions of the database connectors. If you deal with big data systems you might take additional things into consideration.

Concerning big data access you could find some more examples on the KNIME hub:

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DB loader doesn’t work very well b/c it requires your destination table in HDFS to convert all Varchar to STRING(255).

and you can imagine how limiting this is especially when you have text that exceeds the allotment,

Could you give an example of the data you want to load. It might be dummy data.

sample.xlsx (10.4 KB)

consider this mystery solved. it’s mainly b/c i do not know what i’m doing.
DB load is great for simple uploads and input - but i had CR/LF in the data set so it was causing issues with the upload from X source to HDFS hive table.
i’ve attached a workflow that my college created that i hope will help others.