Convert old version PMML file to version supported by KNIME

Hi All,
I have PMML file generated in old version of Statistica. I would like to use this file in KNIME, but when I try to read xml file in PMML Reader I've got error: *.xml is not a valid PMML 4.2 file.
Statistica XML file is in PMML 2.0 version.
Does anybody could help me to convert file (in attachment) to version supported by KNIME?

Thanks and Regards



The Zementis product ADAPA includes in it a converter which will check and if possible correct the PMML file before scoring it with a new dataset. Your PMML file does indeed upload properly after the converter makes its corrections; to give it a try, please try ADAPA out for free at the Amaxon Marketplace.

The page above also includes a link to the AWS where ADAPA can be found.


It's works! It is possible to run ADAPA 14days free trial and it is enough for me.

Thanks a lot!

Hello, not really sure the link isn’t working for the PMML version converter. If possible will you please provide a new link?

I have found this: AWS Marketplace: ADAPA Decision Engine but not sure if it is the same and it looks like it can be used on AWS. If possible is there any direct application which can convert the version of PMML file?

Thank you.