Convert pdf-file in Excel file

Hi @ all,

I have a pdf-file out of sap (background job). Is there a possibility to convert this pdf-file to an excel-file?

I´ve read something about PDF-Parser but this node is not available for me.

Is there a possibility? Is somebody able to help me?

Thank you in advance.


You can try using R or Python code within KNIME. Here’s an example from @mlauber71:


Thank´s a lot. I will try but it looks very difficult and I am not sure if my knowledge is sufficient.

@daniela02 this example is about a quite complicated structure. If your table within a PDF has a more simple design it should be easier. I would start with the core of using tabulize from R and see the result and take it from there.

If you could provide a sample of your PDF without spilling secrets it would help.

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