Convert string flow variable into URI

I want to use the `Copy/Move Files` node to copy files to a specific directory. This specific directory (or "path") is stored in a flow variable. The type of the flow variable is "String". But it appears that the copy-move-files node only accepts URIs as path parameters. When I use my string flow variable for the output directory (as indicated in the attached image), I get the following error message: "Invalid settings: Invalid setting".

So my question basically is: Is it possible to have a flow variable of type URI? If yes, how can this be accomplished?

Alternatively I would like to know how I can copy files that are specified as table rows to a location that is specified by a flow variable.

You first need to specify a valid path in the dialog and then you can overwrite it with a flow variable.

Thanks. I thought this had to be easy, but I still did not figure this out after a lot of trying...

It's working now. Many thanks :)