Converting DataCell type to int


I'm looking for a way to convert DataCell type to an integer.

For example, I have a method which takes a DataCell as argument and I want to return an integer which the DataCell holds.

Is there a way to do this?

Thank you very much.

Or is there a way to convert DataCell to DoubleCell?

I'm using double as number.

Sorry for spamming on the forum

I just figured out my question.

I have another question though.

There is method called DataRow to iterate over rows in DataCell, but there isn't one for columns. How do I iterate over columns? I need to iterate for every cell in every column in every row.

Thank you very much.

DataCell objects can directly accessed via #getCell(index) on a DataRow. Columns within a DataTable can't be accessed in that way, one need to iterate the table and then access the cells within each of these rows.

Thank you Gabriel.

I think I got it now.