Converting IP to URL with KNIME

I’m going to Convert 40k IP address to URL, Is there any advice?


Can you be more specific about what you’re trying to do?

Do you have an example of this conversion?


Hi @natanzi , I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to do. What does convert IP address to URL mean?

Dear Elsamuel, @bruno29a

Yes, Exactly, resolve the IP to its URL…


Hi @natanzi , all URLs resolve to an IP, but not the other way around, so I still don’t understand what you are trying to do.

Take your own IP for example, it won’t resolve to an URL.

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@bruno29a OP is after a reverse DNS lookup. It can be done, but the results aren’t nice URLs. Won’t work for any IP though, as you mentioned.

Windows utility:
How to convert an IP address to a URL - Quora
Java, see Clint’s answer:
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Normal DNS lookup with Java Snippet in our Forum:
DNS lookup with KNIME - KNIME Analytics Platform - KNIME Community Forum
OP has already found that one though.


Hi @Thyme , yes I know that OP is after a reverse DNS lookup, I guess I meant to understand more the purpose behind it or what the use case is.

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Dear @bruno29a , @Thyme
Thanks for your response, Well actually, I have 25K URL which has served a service to them, while I need to have a survey plan ( Which has planning with knime) regarding the validity, up site, Valid IP an, etc.,
In my cases, I need to find out the items or factors that can be pointed to the URL that is not valid for continue the services, So I get ping, Server location, Domain expiry, and anything that may be useful.

As I checked, you’re right, and it’s hard to convert IP to URL because fewer of them are using Public IP.


Hi @natanzi , you can’t really “convert IP to URL”. The best you can get out of an IP is a domain name of a server, and that is if there is a domain with that IP.

Ping always return an IP (along with other info such as response time and ttl) so if you ping a domain name, you will get the IP of that domain, and if you ping an IP, you will get the IP back, not the domain.

The Server location should be determined by the IP, even if the domain name can give you an idea of the country location, but there is no rule that prevents me from registering any domain for any location, so the IP is more reliable to for determining location.

Domain expiry can be obtained from the registrars via a whois, that is for public domains. And to get the domain name, you can do a reverse dns lookup on the IP.


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