Converting JSON objects into a tabular format


I am using the KNIME GET Resource node to download data from Mixpanel.  The format of the data is as follows.  Now each of the events and properties by itself is a json object but how do I read this into a table that I can load into a database?

I tried using the Read REST Representation node but since the full output isn't JSON it errors out.  


{"event":"Visit", "properties":{"time":1467115915, "distinct_id":1234}}

{"event":"Purchase", "properties":{"time":1467115916, "distinct_id":4562}}

{"event":"Visit", "properties":{"time":1467115924, "distinct_id":2345}}

{"event":"Visit", "properties":{"time":1467115923, "distinct_id":2345}}


Try using a Cell Splitter node to convert the JSONL output to a list collection (split on newline "\n"), then an Ungroup node to conver the resulting list to a table where each row is a valid JSON event. That should do it.


Thanks Marco.


That worked.  I used the read rest representation node after the ungroup node to get the data in a tabular format.




You can also use the new GET Request node in combination with JSON to Table.