Converting the FILE format files which were exported from model writer to PMML


I developed three models with PNN learner, SOTA learner and Naive Bayes learner.

I sent them to model writer and I obtained the file with FILE format and I could not convert them to PMML.

Can everyone help me?

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None of these models can be converted to PMML currently. PNN and SOTA are not supported at all by PMML afaik, the Naive Bayes node will output PMML as soon as the standard allows continuous attributes.

Thank you very much for your response.

When is the time of as soon as?I mean that How long do I wait for output PMML of Naive Bayes?

and my second question is that is there any solution to read the FILE format files which was created by model writer?

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There are rumors that PMML 4.2 will support Bayes with continous variables but I don't know when this is supposed to be released.

The Model Reader is the counterpart for the Model Writer.

Thank you very much for your response.

There is no debpt that  the model reader is the counterpart of the model writer node, but I can not connect it to the PMML writer because I can see the following error:

WARN      PMML Writer     Incompatible port spec, expected: PMMLPortObjectSpec, actual: DataTableSpec

If I can not obtain a output from model reader, how can I embed my models in other software?

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The Model Reader/Writer nodes only read/write KNIME specific models. They are completely different from PMML models, which the PMML Reader/Writer nodes handle. Honestly, I don't really understand what you are trying to achieve.

What I want to achieve is that I can obtain the XML output from my models. Mr.Gabriel guided me and I understood I must download the XML node from the newest version of KNIMW then connect it to my models to obtain XML version o them. 

This forum is a great opportunity to share our experiences.

Thank you very much for your guide


Hi everybody,

I have the same problem here. I want to extract a KNIME (formatted) model in to a XML, for then mapping it into a PMML. How can I do that?

Atieh, can you please explain here how you managed to obtain an XML output from your models? This would be very useful for the community.

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          I am learner for Knime and am currently working in Anomaly detection application under example server which is already existing in Knime. In that i have finished time visualization part and now am currently working in Time series AR deployment part. In that under Linear regression metanode and am having the error in Java edit variable node. In that node while confuring i will be giving the path variable to generate the pmml file and from that output only it will be enable to read that file using PMML reader node and further processing will be executing. Whatever path am giving it is showing that "File/URL "path"\filename.pmml can't be parsed  as a url or a non existing file location. Please help to solve this.