copy a value up the number of rows of other columns

In the x column, for example, I have a value of 50. I have a single value that comes with the column filter node and I can do how I can add a new column with the number of records from the single incoming value up to the X arm (so I can replicate without change).
X new column (column filter node - received single value)
1 xy
2 xy
3 xy
n … xy


Would please explain your question better?
A sample data set and an example of your desired output table will help as well.


Hi; Armin
I received a column filter (7111290)
I have to combine it with another column that contains 50 rows of data in another column. But I can’t use column combiner or column appender because the column is the only line that comes with the filter.

I cannot create the colon as a constant value in which the single-line value from the first variable is variable. I have to merge a single-line variable that comes with a column filter to a 50-line column.


How about using a “Table Row to Variable” node after your column filter and then feeding the variable to the “constant value column” node?


In the configuration window of the Constant Value Column node, go to the “Flow Variables” tab and set the value of the “column-value” to the variable produced by “Table Row to Variable” node.


Let me know if I’m missing something.



Thanks armin;
exactly the solution I need :wink:
you’re super


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