Copy and paste issue credentials input/configuration nodes

Hi, I’ve been having an issue since the update to 4.6 in that I can’t copy and paste credentials input or credentials configuration nodes once I’ve configured them. It also means that I can’t copy and paste components which contain these nodes either which causes a bigger issue.
Just want to check if this is something that needs to be fixed or it’s been done on purpose, thanks!

Hey HannahJB97,
thanks for reporting. This is something that needs a fix. We will investigate and provide a fix as soon as possible.


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Hallo @HannahJB97,

we checked it and you are right there is a bug. We will fix this.
Until then you can use this workaround and add -Dknime.ui.copy.persistor=true to the knime.ini. This will enable the old copy & paste code which didn’t have the bug.
I hope that works for you until the bug fix is out.


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Thanks both!
And thanks @janina that fix has worked for now

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4.6.1 has been released so once you update you no longer need that system property.

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