Copy and pasting nodes with data


as a feature request, is it possible to have an option to "copy nodes with data". For example, you have an input node of some sort which may take a long time to run to gather the data, if you run it in one workflow it would be useful if you could then copy it into another workflow without having to rerun the node.





Nice suggestion. Much easier than saving the table and reading it in in the other workflow.

It would also be nice if creating a meta node stored all the data from the run of the nodes. I tend not to create a meta node until I know I've got the configuration right.



I agree it sounds like a nice addition but it's not a low hanging fruit, unfortunately. KNIME's data model is inheritently using table references and source information as to where the data comes from (necessary to be efficient and avoid data duplication, in particular when it comes to BLOBs or other type of file references). So enabling copy&paste with data requires some refactoring and possibly also data copying, for instance when pasting the meta node into a different workflow.

We put that on the list but it's nothing for a minor feature release.