Copy and rename file


I am a Knime newbie.

I want to copy a file from source, rename it and then place it in the destination.
I am using “Transfer Files” node.


I am storing the destination path and destination file name in two variables

But I am getting error while trying to execute the Transfer file node :

“Node : Transfer Files : 0:125 : Errors loading flow variables into node : Coding issue: No enum constant org.knime.filehandling.utility.nodes.truncator.TruncatePathOption.”

What am I doing wrong?

Hello @sri92,

you can not rename files with Transfer Files node. You need to use Transfer Files (Table) node. On node’s Hub page you can find workflow examples with it to check how it works. However if you don’t find a way (as you might have specific use case) gives us a bit more details how you choose/input files to rename and new names to give so we can help you out.



@sri92 you could check out and adapt this example:

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