copy cell entries


Does andybody know a possibility to copy entries of one cell in the whole column related to that cell? (I´d prefer to use the java-snippet)

thank you.

Sry don't understand the question.

What do you mean by related to a cell?

hi Al,

i mean the column the cell belongs to.

e.g. there is a column (in a table) which contains arrays in each row:




then I want to copy the array of the first row (in that column) into each other cell of the column. my output then should look like:




(the other two entries are automatically deleted.)#

hope it´s understandable...


You can get the first value in the column (row 1) to be fully populated all the way down the  new column if that is what you were asking for?

To do this, connect TableRow to Variable node to your main data, and connect this to the Math node (which is also connected to your main data) using the red variable pipe, or you could use the Inject Variables node instead, either way will have the same effect.

In the Math node, go to the flow variables tab, select the column name next to "expression". Also, in the main tab, remember to select "Replace column" option at the bottom and select the column name again.

Sorry its not with the Java Snippet tool, I dont know how to use that!


hi Simon,

thanks so far.

Sorry, I don´t find the TableRow to Variable node or the Inject Variables node. Can I download/install them additionally? (I´ve already installed the knime extensions. Do you mean the Math formular node with "Math"?)

It really would be ok, if it worked the way you described, I don´t have to use Java Snippet node...



If you cannot see those nodes you mention, it means you do not have the advanced features of KNIME turned on. This is easy to sort out.

You need to close KNIME, go to the install directory of KNIME (C:\Program Files\KNIME 2.3.1) and edit the file called "knime.ini". Add an extra line to the bottom of the list which says:


Now save the file, and reload KNIME, you should now find those nodes under a new node directory called "Flow Control".

And yes, by "Math" I meant the "Math Formula" node.





thanks for the hint - the changes inner the "knime.ini" worked well! :)

but unfortunately I couldn´t come to terms with your description,

"connect TableRow to Variable node to your main data, and connect this to the Math node (which is also connected to your main data) using the red variable pipe, "

as the red variable pipe can only be connected to other such variable pipes (and not to a normal input port), so it cannot be connected directly to the math node. (So do I have to connect it additionally to the Variable to Rablerow node and then to the Math node?)     

Furthermore I don´t really know the meaning of flow variables and how to use them :/ I only understood, that one is able to declare some columns as flow variables and then to use these variables in further steps... but didn´t understand in which case they are to be used.


You can connect to the Maths node, but what you need to do first is right click on the Maths node and I believe there is an option which says something along the lines of "Show Variable ports", select this and you'll see two red blobs appear on the node which are the variable in port and variable out port.

Unfortunately, fully explaining the use of variables and how to use them would take a significant amount of time, and unfortunately the KNIME documentation is minimal on this (hence the reason they hide the flow variable nodes from us, unless you change the knime.ini file). Hopefully this documentation will arrive at some point. The way I learnt them was by trial and error and looking at the example workflows in KNIMEs workflow repository and seeing how they worked.

let me know if you are still unable to get the workflow going.