Copy / Move files on Knime Server


I have a workflow which works on desktop but i want to deploy on server. Part of the workflow is to copy a template from a folder on the server to a temp folder, created using the temp dir node.

When I run the workflow on Server I get this error message:

Copy/Move Files 63:732:825 - ERROR: Execute failed: This node only supports the protocol “file”

What can I do to fix this or is there an alternative approach to move / copy files on Knime Server?




the ‘Copy/Move Files’ unfortunately doesn’t support knime://-URLs, which are needed in this case. You could simply use the Download / Upload from List node. I’ve created a small example:


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Hi Moritz,

we keep struggeling with things like that for many years now, that nodes on the server don’t behave as in the KNIME Desktop. The “does not support the KNIME protocol” thing is a good example. What is the reason behind, not to update the nodes accordingly?




Moritz, thanks for the this node. It did the trick.

But I second Laval, it took me several hours of severe frustration with a lot of trial and effort and in the end i had to give up. Using the download / upload node is very counterintuitive to move/copy a file on the server. Can we please have clear nodes with clear descriptions which work on both server and desktop protocols?

Much appreciated.

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