Copy or export workflow picture (perhaps as a .jpg or .bmp)


Is there any way I can copy my workflow and paste it as a picture outside of KNIME?
I’d like to be eble to have a picture of my workflow in MS Powerpoint or Word so I can present it to others.

First I thought I’d use “print screen” type of programs but wanted to ask if I can do it using KNIME first.


Since several months are gone ... I think this is no longer relevant, however AFAIK you can export as SVG and then you can use e.g. batik-rasterizer to convert it into something else.
Be aware, however that the output of the export has to be manually edited, removing the xml definition line (<?xml encoding...>); furthermore, you might also want to use a different tool than batik-rasterizer ... in case you do not like commandline options.
batik-rasterizer is part of the batik toolkit from

However, I do agree with you, it would be nice if batik could be included in Knime ...

The easiest thing would if the KNIME Image Processing might want to consider extending their IO Image Reader, Image Writer and Image converter nodes ... handling also SVG as input and JPG as output :-)

Why not use Inkscape for converting (and editing) the workflow SVG?

After installing the SVG extension I see that there is now an "Export to SVG..." menu item on the File menu.  This works fine and I can open the SVG with Inkscape and export it as a PNG, but none of the node labels or workflow annotations are part of the SVG, which makes it fairly useless for my needs.  I want to export the workflow exactly as it appears on my screen (WYSIWYG).  Am I missing an option somewhere?

This is fixed in the upcoming 2.6 release.