Copy or upload a FORMATTED xls-file to a O365 Sharepoint

Hi there,

I try to copy or upload a FORMATTED xls-file, which is stored locally on my PC to an Office365 Sharepoint. Any idea?
It works with xls reader/writer but looses then all formatting.


First of all Welcome to the world of KNIME.

What you tried was reading the data from a file and writing the data to another file. That will clear all formatting.

So the better approach could be using a Copy/Move Files (legacy) — NodePit


Hi @juergen_bethke -

If you are just wanting to move files around between your local system and Sharepoint, you might try a simple workflow like this one, which takes advantage of KNIME’s new File Handling capabilities:

2021-09-14 14_28_39-KNIME Analytics Platform


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