copy / past of nodes


I have some nodes that I would like to copy and paste into a new workflow. These nodes include nodes with no input and then nodes that depend on those.

I.e. there is no real reason to reset the nodes, but unfortunately they are set to not-executed once copied. Now for smaller data tables this is not much of a problem, but when there are many compute intensive tasks this might pose a problem.

I would like to see at least an option to copy (or using Ctrl-Shift-V) everything including the data to a new workflow. As you could use a system command to do the actual copy it shouldn't take that long...

Please let me know if this is something that you would consider implementing.


Kind regards,



I guess the following issues has something to do with the previous problem:

I don't understand why the TableReader has to read in the complete table to be executed?

to the best of my knowledge there is a file that describes the content of the data of a specific node. Now, that I would consider the "KNIME-table" that is bein used by the table-Reader and table-writer nodes. I.e. these KNIME specific nodes read/write a file that holds a meta data of a table and another one with the data. (Obviously those could be one file as well). When reading tables you only need to copy teh files, read the meta data file and maybe the beginning of the data file. Thus, there is no need to re-read the complete data from disk into memory and back to disk within the same node (as not all the data can be stored in memory). That is probably not  a problem for small tables but for biggers ones... (it takes sometimes more than an hour to read in a table, but of course this also depends on the network and disk speeds etc...)

And how does this relate to the previous issue? Well, I believe the way I describe the solution is not the way it is currently implemented, but with the solution described here it would be easy to simply copy the complete directory structure for a node and read in the data, i.e. check if data is already there and set the status correspondly.

I am not sure if this is understandable... Please let me know if you would like more thoughts on this,