Copy RowID values into a new column for graphing

I have a string field that holds model year of automobiles in a table of about 100K rows.  I used the Value Counter node to get a count of vehicles by model year and would like to show that on a histogram.

The problem is that the model year has now become the RowID column, and I can't get histograms to recognize it as a value.

How do I copy the value of model year from Row ID into another column that I can use as the x axis while the count of vehicles per year can be on the y axis?

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Instead of taking the output from Value Counter, just pass your table to the Histogram node and select the model year column as the binning column. If it complains you might just need to use Edit Nominal Domain on that column first.

You can use the RowID node to extract RowID's into a new column

You may also be interested in used the GroupBy node instead. In the GroupBy node select the year and then select a column to count as the aggregator.