Copy values from one column in Table A and Paste those values into another column in Table B.

Hello all,
This is potentially a very basic question, but I can’t seem to figure this out.

I have a Table which is a template. It has no values in it to start (Table B)

I want to populate the columns of this table with data from columns in different sources.

To start with, in Table A I have a column called “Publisher” and I want to copy the entire contents of that column and add it to the “Raw Data” Column in Table B. Is there an easy way to do this that I’m missing?

Of course, Outside of Knime I could just copy paste the column data, but I’m trying to work out how to do it in Knime as part of a workflow that would help templatize some work I’m doing.

@Feynix Welcome to the Forum. Could you post examples of both tables? That would make it easier to try to develop a specific approach.

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The template table (Table B) is this. The row of data there are just notes, they won’t stay in the table.

Table A looks like this.

Ultimately I want to take all of the values in Table A: Publisher and paste them over to Table B: Raw Publisher/Vendor Name.

I will eventually use the result to perform Vlookups and such from other data sets.

Actual tables rather than screenshots are preferable. Screenshots make potential helpers do unnecessary work to develop the tables.


My apologies. Here are the example tables:
Table_A Example.xlsx (10.5 KB)
Table_B_Example.xlsx (9.4 KB)

There are probably more elegant approaches, but I think this does what you want.

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Fantastic. Thank you!

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