Copying or reusing Highlighting and Mapping rules


I'm creating an SAR table on a series of molecular properties (about 20 different columns), and want to colour the cells red, orange or green according to which bin they fall in. I'm finding it  time consuming to create three new highlighting conditions for each column - is there a way to copy rules from one component to another, or to create a set of rules which can be reused? 


For what I understand, you are creating manually bins (using the HiLite Collector) to which you assign colors (using the Color Manager); is this what you mean? Rules can be created in various ways in KNIME, for example in the Rule Engine or Java Snippet node. Some nodes support passing the configuration (rules) to so-called Appender/Applier nodes, for example Color, Size and Shape, but also the Normalizer and Binner nodes.

Thanks for the reply. I was referring to colouring cells via the Highlights tab in the Report Designer. Is there a way to define report designer coloruring rules in the KNIME workflow?Or any other way to copy or import these rules into the Report Designer so they can be reused rather that having to redefine them for every new cell or column?