correlate columns between files

Hi all.

I am new with Knime.

I want to know if is possible to correlate columns from multiple files, my scenario is:

File1.csv = NumberID and almost, 30 columns more.
File2.csv = NumberID, RegID and almost 20 columns more.
File3.csv = RegID and almost 40 columns more.
File4.csv = RegID and almost 20 columns more.
File5.csv = NumberID and almost 5 columns more.
File6.csv = RegID and almost 8 columns more.

I need to correlate all files to build a big file with relevant information of each file (i choose the value columns) based only in the NumberID and RegID but these fields are only present in certain files, so, i need to change the "pattern column" while I finish.

Is possible? Any suggestion of nodes or workflow examples?


I think you are searching for the Joiner node.

There you can select a Join criterium for each pair of tables.


There is also the possibility of using reference table, but I guess joiner should do the trick as Iris mentioned.