Could not start Python Kernel: Could not detect Python version

I successfully integrated Python on my KNIME platform following the guide:

Then I downloaded the simplest Python Scripting Workflow from the KNIME Community and I downloaded all the required extensions to test it on my pc:

I try to run the Workflow and I get the following log error:

ERROR Python Script (1⇒1) (deprecated) 3:11 Cannot run program “C:\Program Files\KNIME\plugins\org.knime.python2.envconfigs_4.0.0.v201906042152\envconfigs\windows\start_py.bat C:\Users\nikes\anaconda3 py2_knime_1”: CreateProcess error=2, Impossibile trovare il file specificato
ERROR Python Script (1⇒1) (deprecated) 3:11 Execute failed: Could not start python kernel:
Could not detect python version

Here’s my Preferences in my Python KNIME Configuration, the only unusual thing to mention is that it takes 5-10 seconds to load the environments every time:

Can you please help me? Thank you in advance!

Sounds like the example is using the old python nodes which only work with python 2 and not the “dynamic version switching”.


I was thinking that too, so I tried to replace the old Python node used in the example with its new version (Python Script (1=>1) (deprecated) but the outcome won’t change. The thing is, I don’t need to use that node for this particular Workflow but for a far more complex one;I was trying to fix this configuration issue in an easy environment and then apply it in the other one…

if it says (deprecated) then it’s the old one. That’s why I brought this up. If you are using the new one, there is no (deprecated) in the name. “deprecated” in software terms means “outdated”, “old version” and the feature (in this case node) will be removed sometime in the future.

It’s clearly the old python 2 node.


Like @beginner said it looks like it tried to start python 2. You should try to make sure you use the latest node:

Maybe you could provide us with the workflow and a log file so we could have a closer look.