Could you please help me, I need to extract the value from file A and add at the values of the column

Could you please help me?, I need to extract the blue value from file A and add it like a row at File B?
File A
File B

Thank you in advance,

Hi Lina,

I assume both file A and file B are Excel files, and I assume you want to add cell A2 from file A to the next row in column A of file B every time you run the workflow.

If my assumptions are correct, you can configure your workflow to read file A using an Excel Reader node. In the “Transformation” tab of that Excel Reader node, set the node to only read in the “Start Date” column - i.e. deselect all other columns. Then connect the output of the Excel Reader node to the input of an Excel Writer node. In the configuration window of this node, set the Excel Writer node to write to file B. In the “If exists:” section for the Excel Writer node configuration, select “append”. In the “If sheet exists” section, select “append” too. Then deselect “Write column headers”. Then run the workflow. After doing so, you should see cell A2 from file A in the first empty row of column A of file B.


Thank you @sforesti I’m new in knime I’ll try to do it in knime :slight_smile:

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