Couldn't recover workflow after saving

I was working on a very important university assignment for 4-5 hours, at a certain point whe i tried to save my workflow i was getting the “saving workflow failed” message(might not be verbatim), i tried saving many times but the white dot next to the folder name never disappeared. Then i tried to restart KNIME Analytics platform and was prompted with “do you want to save (workflow name)?” and clicked yes, but once i reopened it the file was in the version i found it at the start of the day…
I stere any way i could recover the version of my workflow? It might help knowing that my installation is in read only, but this never happened before… thanks for any help

Hi @edmos7 and welcome to the KNIME community.

I am sorry to hear about your problem, and unfortunately I don’t have much to offer for hope. Which version of KNIME are you using?

When you say your “installation is in read only”, what did you mean by that? You presumably have do have write-access to the drive where you were trying to save your workflow to.

If your workflow cannot be found within your workspace, there really isn’t anywhere else to look, unless you perhaps have multiple “workflow groups” and are mistaken about which group you stored it under. I’m clutching at straws there but if that’s a possibility, then I have a component that could help you track it down. (No miracles or promises here unfortunately!)

If there is a chance that your workflow is hidden in some subfolder/workflow group, then do the following:
Create a new workflow.
Drop the following component on it:

Execute this component.

All it does is scan the folders in your workspace. It may take several minutes if you have lots. It will then produce a list of all the workflows it finds. You can’t do anything directly from the component, but it will show you date and time each was last updated, so you’ll be able to see if there is one from today other than the “empty” one you have found.

Sorry I have no other suggestions. I hope you find it or manage to otherwise recover your lost work. If all else fails, write down as much as you can remember about what your workflow did, and decisions you made when writing it, while still fresh in your mind, so that you will be able to redo it faster.

I’ve been there with losing work. Not specifically with KNIME but failures happen unfortunately. Horrible feeling. I don’t know what caused yours , but I wish you the best in trying to regain what you have lost.

Too late for this time, but KNIME does have an auto-save option if you open KNIME preferences

I don’t recommend having it “save data” unless you really need to as I found this can really lock up the save process if you have large amounts of data in your flow.

Also, I would definitely advise doing some “test saves” with a new workflow to ensure that saves are occurring. Create a workflow, drop a few nodes on it, save, restart KNIME, check all ok.

Hope that helps, and good luck!


Hey! Thanks a lot for the response, thankfully since I made the post I managed to reconstruct the workflow, but you’ve definitely helped me and Ill keep this in mind.
By the way, I’m using your string emoji filter node in the assignment as well, so thanks for that too!


Hi @edmos7 , good to hear you’ve managed to pick yourself up.

I hope the String Emoji Filter is behaving ok. That’s a blast from the past and must be one of the first components I wrote. I think I’d been using KNIME about a month when I wrote the initial version of that (Apr 2021) so amazing it works at all! :joy:

Good luck with the assignment.

btw, which version of KNIME are you using and on what OS?

Im using Knime Anaytics Platform 5 on Windows 11 23H2

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