Count from Table based on created date range

I am after some ideas for the following:

I have pulled in a list of files and created a Year month date range using ‘Create Date&Time Range’ node. I want to use the months listed in the date range to count the occurrences from the list that are still active in the month. So for example:

Date Range Month July 2020 count: $Benefit Start$ < “08/01/2020” AND $Benefit End$ > “06/30/2020” =>True

How would I go about doing a calculation based on the Date range node and the List.

So far I have applied a cross joiner with a rule engine using the following:
$Benefit Start Date$ <= $Date&Time$ AND $Benefit End Date$ >= $Date&Time$ => TRUE

Hi there @Page0727,

seems to me this could be done simply with GroupBy node if you can determine month from you list of files. But that is a guess as I’m not sure what your data structure looks like. Is it possible to share (dummy) input data together with expected output?


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