Count If function


I am trying to do a specific count if statement where if an item in column D is counted by a dummy date. So in theory on 9/14 I had these many rail cars showing a status of A and and P, then subtract all the railcars that have P from A to show me the remainder. That remainder should eventually be a running total
test wahpeton.xlsx (785.2 KB)

Hi @Einayyar , so… what is your question?

And what’s 9/14? And which of the multiple date columns are you referring? And what are you subtracting? I don’t see any amount of railcars. Maybe none of these questions are relevant depending on what you are trying to do.

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Could you provide a workflow and expected output so we can further assist you?

Hard to tell exactly what you are working toward… The way I read it initially, you could try a Rule Based Splitter node to separate your rows based on criteria, then create a new column with +1 on top branch and -1 on bottom branch, then concatenate, then moving aggregation to get your running total? Just a shot in the dark on your aim…


Sorry for the delay on this. This ask is no longer needed.

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