Count Row


I am quite new to knime, could some one help, how to count the number of occurance in the row ? and also i like to use if statements (as in excel).


No.  Prediction 1   Prediction 2    Prediction 3   Count_INACT      Count_ACT

1      ACT                    INACT          INACT               2                                 1

2      INACT                ACT             INACT                 2                                   1

3      INACT                 INACT          INACT                3                                    0

4       ACT                   ACT              ACT                   0                                    3

5       INACT                ACT              ACT                   1                                   2


I would like to have coloum as shown in bold letters. 

Thanks in advance


I think you should be able to do this using the Maths node under Misc. In there you can use IF statements, so (IF Prediction 1="ACT", 1, 0)+(IF Prediction 2="ACT", 1, 0)+ etc..

There is also a Rule Engine node (Data Manipulation/Row/Misc) which can do IF, and other logic statements.


Hope this helps, Simon.


thanks for your reply and i have tried following excel formula and it doesnot work in math node.

This formula is used to return the more frequently availabe ''word'' in the columns (A1 to G1)


Can we do some kind of analysis in math node ?

Best regards

thanks aín advance