Counting specific cells with "Rule Engine"


I have a table with two columns: The first column includes a name of a person (str), the second includes the amount of orders (int). Now I want to find out how many cells, who have a name in the first column, do not have a number of orders in the second column assigned.

My idea was to filter the columns and then use count. For the filter I thought about using the Rule Engine to form something like this: ($name$ = TRUE) AND ($orders$ = MISSING (or FALSE)). But I guess because I do not have boolean values this is the wrong approach. I don’t have any ideas and the usage of the Rule Engine remains a mystery to me.

Thank you for any hints or solutions in advance!

missing_amount_forum.knwf (29.3 KB)

Does this help?


Thank you, for the two ways of solving this! It was exactly what I needed

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