Create a chart in plate format from a list of data

I have a list with four columns. The WellId, well row, well column and volume. Now I like to create a plate format with the data of the volumes in a well.
This plate format is a matrix of 32 rows and 48 columns. So in total 1536 wells. The data of the list should be transposed to this format.

Finally there should be a formatting to the wells. If the volume is greater the 2 the well should be light red and else the well should be yellow.

Is this possible and what nodes do i need

example of requested output

Hi there @RonG,

to get desired format you should use Pivoting node. Group column is Well Row, pivot column is Well Column and on Volume use First/Last aggregation method. Regarding colors - do you need it to be colored in KNIME (as a view) or when exported you want it to be colored? For the first I’m not sure. For the second I would suggest you to check Continental nodes for KNIME.


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