Create Array in String Manipulation doesn't work

I want to create an array in the String Manipulation node, the example given in the string(x) function description: string(1, 2.1, null, "3") = ["1", "2.1", null, "3"] doesnt work and fails with an exception
Is this a bug?


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Exception is not raised by string() function. It’s raised by node because StringManipulation node expect a String (and not a String array) as output.
If you want create a new var array you can use Java Snippet for example!

What about Variable Expression? It gives same error. Also example needs to be fixed to avoid confusion.

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Can you post exception stack trace?

I do not know what exception stack trace. Anyway see below


  • in string manipulation node you can use string() function with variable number of input parameters.
    If number of parameters is >1, string() function returns an array but you cannot return it because String manipulation only returns string values (not array).

  • in Variable Expression node,string function with more than one parameter is not defined.
    You can call string function to cast a single param.

What is your goal?

Stress KNIME attention to the function hint. It could not be followed.

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Hi there,

there are ticket to address this confusion. (Internal reference: AP-13007 & AP-13008)

Have added +1 on them.



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