Create backup folder with current date as suffix

Hi there,

I am using the “Transfer files” node to create a backup of a folder. I would like to include the date of workflow execution as a suffix in the folder name.

So for example:

  • Folder “A” contains my data.
  • “Transfer files” node grabs Folder “A” and copies it into my backup folder, renaming the folder to “A_06.07.2023” in the process.

I tried to create the execution date as a variable using the “Create Date&Time Range” node, but it keeps asking me for an interval. I also am not sure how to include the variable into my “Transfer files” node.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @TobiP ,

When you use the Create Date&Time range node, you can set:

1- just a date or date & time option
2- set to start and the end to use the current execution time and fix variable as 1

Now you have onluy a single string/date&time information.

For the folder name, you will use the string manipulation node to create/adjust the path, join the path + the date info into a new folder variable.

That’s it… If you have problems, bring the workflow here with dummy example for the community help you, ok?

BR, Denis


@TobiP I have once built this example of a self made backup system which also includes producing a time stamp


Thank you both for your suggestions, backup workflow is up and running now. :slight_smile:

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