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I am on Knime v4.3.2 and I am cleaning up deprecated nodes from my older workflows where I find them. I have attached a loop we use to cut up a csv into chunks and I am having a lot of difficulty with the new “create file variable” node. I have attached a screenshot of my old loop where I could create the file name node 69, then create the file pathway in node 70 and then use that as a variable in the .csv writer.

With the new create file variable node, I cannot figure out how to do this. I can select the base location, but the variable field looks like it’s a fixed free text field so I cannot create a dynamic file name any more. Am I missing something here or is the new node less functional than the old one? It’s quirk of our system where I can only import a certain number of records so the idea is to cut up the csv file into set chunks and save as “filename_1”, “filename_2” etc in one single folder.

Knime Create File Name

Hi @JWebb,

It’s possible to have file names as variables. You can assign file names in the Flow Variables tab > file_folder_variables > path_values



Hello @armingrudd ! That looks like it did the trick. I knew I was probably just missing something but I couldn’t see it! Thanks for the tip. I was looking for a dropdown menu in the main tab, not under flow variables. Now I can use this in the new csv writer :slight_smile:


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