Create HTML files from pictures - when using a loop the file are tables and not html files

I created a workflow reading a html template file and replacing the code by the appropriate variables. This works fine. However, when I put everything in a loop, the files are table and not html files.

The workflow is included:

01_AK_generate_html_from_pictures.knwf (49.4 KB)

Hi @akosgmbh and welcome back to the forum.

It’s a little hard to tell how the workflow works, since no data was included. If the data isn’t sensitive/confidential you might consider sharing a few files here so folks can help troubleshoot.

That said, if your primary function here is to write html files using the CSV Writer, maybe you don’t need a Loop End node here at all. The Loop End is going to concatenate information into a KNIME table, so maybe you could try using a Variable Loop End instead?

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