Create ID var from row values

Hi there,

I am trying to create an incementel ID from the case below. So what every comes before row "ID" belongs to that ID #.

A t11
B t12
C t13
D t14
E t15
F t16
ID t1
A t11
A w21
B w23
C w24
D w25
E w26
F w27
ID w2


I was wondering if there is any way to drag ID into a new column ? I have read the other posts here in this case tricky part (at least for me) is that ID is a record itself. 


could you maybe give an example of what are you trying to achieve?

Maybe the "Pivoting"-node is what you're looking for ...



supose I have a dataset of lands then think of the fields as :

Owner a1
Area a2
shape a3
ID 123
Owner b1
Owner b2
Area b3
shape b4
ID 345


Preferably I want to have 

ID Owner Owner Area shape
123 a1   a2 a3
345 b1 b2 b3 b4

I can't use pivot or reshape or .. because ID is not grouping column yet. I have to do something to bring ID as a column then pivot or .... 

I hope it makes sense. 





now I have a better understanding. However, it won't be possible the exact way your example works (e.g. column names need to be unique).

I attached a workflow that produces a table close to your example result and hopefully gives you some ideas how to proceed.




Thanks it worked. It doesn't matter what it does to the owner column I can split that later. That's fine.

Thank you for your help

if you are not comfortable with the java, here's an approach using the manipulation nodes to create the necessary columns and pivots to the final table

I've show also how to deal with the duplicate fields.