Create Multiple Columns

I have over 20 new columns to create all using different expressions and fields. However i don’t want to use multiple math formula one after the other.
Is there any functionality which replicates the formula tool of Alteryx in which i can write different expressions for different columns and is within one tool instead of 20?

@r_jain The Java snippet

would allow you to create multiple variables of different sorts at the same time in one node.

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Hi, the column expressions node is another possibility. In the one node you can specify multiple output columns and write a formula for each.


Just be aware that a limitation of the Column Expression node is that, unlike the Alteryx Formula tool, you cannot use the your newly created columns in a later calculation inside the same tool.

For example if I make a column called C that is column A*B you cannot create column D that uses column C in its calculation.


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