Create New Column based on other column values

Hi All,

I am facing one challenge in KNIME, kindly suggest me which node is best to solve this problem:

I have 4 columns name as A, B, C, D and need to create column E where the name of columns would be there based on values in A,B,C,D. Example excel attached
Example.xlsx (8.8 KB)


Welcome to the KNIME Forum. There are quite a few ways to this.

You can use the Extract Column Header – KNIME Hub to get the column headers, do some manipulation to add a new column (these nodes would likely help: Column Aggregator – KNIME Hub, Rule Engine – KNIME Hub) then use this to insert the new columns Insert Column Header – KNIME Hub

Or if you are creating the new column with some math/string formula node you could have the Rule Engine node create a flow variable for you that gives the new column name.

Hopefully that helps.


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