Create overview of flow through gates

Dear Community,

i have a problem converting my data and i really need your help.

I have a list containing "Gate" "Runner" "Time". Different runners can pass different gates at a certain point in time ("Time").
Now i would like to get a statistic in what order the runners passed the gates. (5 ppl from A to B, 3 from A to C..., 6 from C to D)

How can i create such a statistic in Knime?!

Thanks a lot for your help in advance!!

I would try something like group loop start (by runner) into a Lag node to find the previous gate for each runner.  Use a row filter to remove the missing runner.  String manipulation to combine the current and previous gates to define the segment for that runner and then a loop end to collect the results.  Last step then is to use a simple groupby node to calculate the summary stats for each segment (in this case, count).  Does that make sense?