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hello people,
I need to create new row in the database based on other rows.
If the value of column Y in the row is differente from the value in the same column of the next row, I need to create a new row with specific values.

Hey @renantex,

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Could you give us a toy example of what your input and expected output would look like (no real data required :slight_smile: )?

Maybe one of these posts is a good starting point?

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Thanks @Mark_Ortmann,
I need the following:
if the value of column “out” is different from the “in” column of the next line, insert a new row with the values I need.
see if the pictures help



Hi @renantex

I guess this workflow solves your problem create rows.knwf (39.2 KB)
gr. Hans


Beautiful @HansS!

Problem solved.


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