Create separate test workflow with Capture Workflow

I’m new to KNIME and want to create a test workflow, which is independent from my actual workflow, but checks outputs of the latter. This implies that even if my tests fail, the actual workflow is not affected by the test failures. To achieve this I want use Capture Workflow nodes. I have the following structure in mind (simplified):

workflow A —> Capture Workflow End —> workflow B
********************* |
*************Test output of workflow A (attached to the Capture Workflow End)

Is this possible? And if yes, can I have multiple test workflows integrated as shown above in a more complex workflow than in the given example?

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Hello @tihamm ,

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Yes, what you’re describing is possible with KNIME using the Capture Workflow nodes and some additional nodes.

You can follow the below steps to achieve this:

  • Write the output of the captured workflow end node to a custom location using Workflow Writer node to use it on the test workflow later

  • Create a test workflow, where you call the captured segment of the workflow using the Workflow Reader node and execute it with some input data using the Workflow Executor node. Include extra test elements to ensure the final result matches what you expect.

  • If you have multiple test workflows, create a pipeline to test all the workflows using the Call Workflow Services node and collect their status one by one.

Here are the example workflows on KNIME Hub demonstrating how to understand the implementation better.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Keerthan Shetty


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