Create Temp Dir node did not restore content when executed from the Knime server

Hi all,

I created a workbook that connects to an S3 bucket in AWS account to download the data into a MySQL database.

The workbook works perfectly fine when executed locally. However, when I try to run the same workbook in the Server I get an error (see attachment). I saved the workflow and the problem is in the Create Tem Dir node saying Did not restore content.

The ‘Delete directory on reset’ is checked on.

Any suggestion what the problem is?

Thank you in advance.


Hi Paola!

Have you tried to reset it and then re-execute? If you close a workflow all temporary files associated with this workflow - including directories created by Create Temp Dir node - are deleted.


Hi Ivan,

The solution was in the String Replace node change “file:/” to “file:” so the first forward slash is not removed in the path.
With data the file can now be founded.

Thank you anyway.


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Hi Paola,

I’m glad it works now.

Have a nice day,