Creating a Date, Time & Zone column knime table


I’m on my way to implement a node which connects to REST and retrieves some data records. I need to implement a column that contains the date, time and timezone. I’ve tried 3 ways and faced a few issues. stating them below:

  1. Used a TimestampCell(column type) to retrieve the timestamp for each record in the table.
    Issue: Later cannot convert from timestamp to date&time column type because there is no node which accepts this format (Thu Jan 01 01:00:00 CET 1970)
  2. Tried to Use a DateAndTimeCell
    Issue: but it needs a breakdown of information and doesn’t include Timezone.
  3. Used formats that are accepted by knime “String to Date&Time”.
    Issue: It creates a string column which should again be processed by “String to Date&Time” node to convert the column type to “Date&Time”

Question: Is there any possible DataType for date time and timezone which I can directly use to create the table with the above-mentioned format?

I think is what you need.
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Are there any online sources where I can find examples for ZonedDateTimeCell implementation?

My Code:
LocalDateTime ldt = LocalDateTime.of(2016, Month.AUGUST, 22, 14, 30);

final ZonedDateTime klDateTime = ldt.atZone(ZoneId.of(“CET”));

Now in the table
cells[0] = new ZonedDateTimeCell(klDateTime);

I get the error The constructor of ZonedDateTimeCell is not visible.
I’m importing the package(import;) and calling the constructor. The constructor here says “Package scope constructor, called from factory.” and I dont understand how to implement it.

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To create such a cell you need to use its factory class.
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Thank you very much. It worked.

Posting here with the example. Just in case if someone gets the same doubt. It might help.

Can create ZonedDateTime cell by using:

new DataColumnSpecCreator(“ZonedDateTime”,ZonedDateTimeCellFactory.TYPE).createSpec();

While appending the data row:

String mydate = “2020-02-20T15:52:05+01:00[CET]”;
cells[i] = ZonedDateTimeCellFactory.create( mydate );