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I have a list of companies in a data set and I want to create list of unique companies in different geographic areas. I have used the GroupBy node to show what companies are in what geo area, but it lists the companies in one column separated by a comma (I used the Unique Concatenate for the Manual Aggregation). is there a way to see that in a sheet where each company is listed in a column separately by geo area.

Hi @kmarrs901 ,

If I understand well, you need 2 columns for it, one for the company name and other for location.

With the groupby node, you will set the company as major column, and at the aggregation tab, you can use concatenate with “,” option looking the location column.

The node will replace the location columns (if its set) and you can see 1 company with many locations.


If you can, put a workflow example here to us… it can help more.



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Both of those solutions worked nicely for what I needed. Thank you!

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