Creating a network from Excel rows


I have a excel sheet has “entity”, “key” and “fkey” columns. I need to make and display a network that links the entities. An example table is shown below.

entity key fkey desc
tom iop.123 iop.234 sibling
tom iop.123 iop.678 spouse
dick iop.234 iop.678 sibling
dick iop.234 iop.123 sibling
harry iop.345 iop.456 spouse
harry iop.345 iop.678 spouse
jane iop.456 iop.345 spouse
mary iop.567 iop.678 partner
kate iop.678 iop.234 sibling
kate iop.678 iop.345 spouse
kate iop.678 iop.567 partner

Could anyone explain how to create the nodes from the “entity” column and then the network from the “key” and “fkey” columns and then display the network result.



See example below


Sorted … thanks for the great example.

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