creating a new node

I am new bee to the knime, I am able to create my own node by reading from this link . But now I have to modify it.
when right click on my node -->click configure--> dialog box will open, I have to increase height and width of that dialog box.
Also I have to enable execute,reset and cancle option of node.please suggest me. 


In order to set the size of the dialog, you can either implement the "onOpen()" method in the dialog and do a "getPanel().setPreferredSize", or set the preferred size on the component(s) that you add to the dialog (component.getComponentPanel.setPreferredSize()).

If you look into the NodeModel class of the files generated by the wizard, you will find the  "execute" method. In this method you want to implement, whatever your node is supposed to do with the input data.

In order to allow the user to cancel your node during execution, call "exec.checkCanceled()" frequently during your computations. This allows the framework to check, if the user clicked cancel and the method will throw an exception then - which causes your execute method to bail (unless you catch the exception).

Reset is done by the framework - you really don't need to implement anything there (unless your node has a view that needs to clear/delete the view model during reset - and that is then implemented in the yourNodeModel#reset() method).

I hope that helps.

Btw, did you check out our developer guide already?

Best regards,

 - Peter.

Hi Piter!

Thanks for reply,it is so helpful to me. Now I am able to resize configuration window. Now on click of configure node I have to take input file "file1" and output file "file2".and on click of execute I have to write data of file1 to the file2, is it possible? I am able to add file chooser on configuration window.

Best regards,
 - knimesnowruser.

That's something you need to implement in the corresponding NodeModel that is created by the NodeFaytory. The called method called is #execute (node turns from yellow to green). Here you have access to the input data via the BufferedDataTable, or if you planning to implement a Reader node can read your file as specified in the NodeDialogPane and provide it as a return value of the #execute method.