Creating a node with a Table cell view


What is the right way to make my custom node displaying a "table cell view" like the other imaging nodes ?

I tried to add an ImgViewer as a component to my view, but I didn't manage to get anything but a completely empty panel (but no "no data to display" message anymore).

Thank you

Hi A.K.,

do your projects depend on org.knime.knip.base? If so, we have some examples here: in org.knime.knip.base.

Many of our Image Processing Nodes automatically add the table-cell-view (which is btw also available as a separate node named "Table Cell Viewer".), as we inherit internally from a ImgPlusToImgPlusNodeModels. Additionally ImgPlusToImgPlusNodeModels (in combination with the corresponding NodeDialogs and NodeFactories) add for example the Column Selection and the Dimension Selection.

The idea behind the ImgPlusToImgPlusNodeModels is, that often you want to process images row-wise, this means "take an image from a row, do something with it, and output a new image". 

Here you find our abstract NodeModels

If you have any more questions or if you need more examples, let us know.