Creating Documents From Rows


I was wondering if one could transform integers and datetimes of a row to the document type.

I mean, you can use the Strings To Documents Node to transform all of your strings to a document but what if someone wants to transform also integers or datetimes into the document type.

f. e. my table would look like this:

CommentTitle author datetime comment salary
… … 28.12.12 hello im… 1500 €

Is there a node where I can transform the whole row to a document (and not only the string values)?

I wanna perform a prediciton on my data and it would be cool if I could get all of my data in a row into one document. Thats why I am asking.


Hi @knime_newbie_1,
you can use the Column Aggregator node to combine your columns into one String column by using the Concatenate aggregation option, afterwards you can use convert that string to a a document.


Hey @knime_newbie_1,

Strings to Document might not be the very best name for the node, since it also converts other information (other than Strings). In the node dialog of the Strings to Document node, you can specify the columns you want to integrate in your document. For example, you can specify columns containing the Document’s author, category, title, type and the date time information. So multiple columns can be taken into account for the Document creation.
Other information that doesn’t fit the options within the Strings To Document node dialog can be inserted via the Meta Information Inserter node afterwards.

If you don’t mind that everything is represented in the text of the Document, you can also use @gab1one’s solution.


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