Creating extra rows in components

I’d like to try building up some components to make a workflow easier for others to use and prepare it just in case we move to a server / webportal at a later date. The workflow takes in two lists of codes and a list of words which are then used to filter some large datasets. I’d really like to be able to put these lists in to a component so that the interactive view can be used to allow easy editing of the different lists. I can put Table Editor nodes in to the component to allow editing of the existing rows but I can’t seem to find a way to allow extra rows to be added directly from this. Am I just missing something obvious in the setup of the node or is there another way to do what I am trying to do? I’d prefer not to add in a fixed number of blank rows up front and then allow editing of them followed by a clean up afterwards as this seems a bit too much of a fudge to me.

Hello @EwarWright,

You are not missing anything obvious. There is no way to add rows/columns with Table Editor node. Ticket created. (Internal reference: AP-15955). Someone will update topic once there is news.

And your workaround doesn’t seem bad at all.


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Thanks for confirming that I wasn’t looking in the wrong place.
I’m just not a fan of using fixed dimensions where other people are involved. You can just tell that someone along the line will want to massively change everything and complain that they can’t add in 10x the number of rows planned for. I’ll probably look to add in a table to remember any edits (maybe with a widget to switch save on and off) and then just add a few extra rows on to the end at runtime…

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