Creating Labels for Acceleration Data


I have been searching for tutorials or helpful community entries for quite some time now and I cannot seem to find anyone with a similar problem.

I have some acceleration data (4000 Hz) from a sensor attached to a machine that is (for now) only performing vertical movements (thus I only have one column for the z-Axis).
What I need to do now is to create subsets of the data and assign labels to each subset characterizing the certain move it has performed during that time period.

I know that I can loop over chunks of data. What I keep failing to find is a node that can create a row characterizing one data chunk each (with attributes like mean and variance) and one that adds those rows up to a new table.
Also, is there a way I can create a target column?

Thank You.

You can use the Statistics node to do exactly this.

Just use a Loop End node after the Statistics node:statistics

You could either use a Java Snippet (Simple) for this, see the attached workflow. Label creation example.knwf (6.3 KB)